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A Staycation? Yes, Please!

Updated: Feb 15, 2022

It might have taken a special anniversary to inspire me to do a little staycation, but to be honest, I should have thought of it anyway. My husband and I are celebrating the 24th anniversary of the day we met. I know, I know, it's unfathomable that we could have met 24 years ago when we're both barely over 20 years old, but that's the kind wondrous world I live in. So to underline the special occasion, we decided to get a room at the splendidly welcoming Ritz Carlton Montréal. Here's a little trivia for those interested: It's the original hotel to carry the Ritz Carlton name, thanks to a joint venture between the Ritz brand based in Paris and the Carlton brand based in New York. It opened its famous French-windowed doors on new year's eve in 1912 and has been setting the bar for luxury accommodation in this city ever since.

Everything at the Ritz Carlton was perfect. From the gorgeous suite with a separate living room and fireplace, to the amazing deep soaking tub! We ordered room service for snacks, dinner and breakfast and everything was delicious! But the true highlight for me was really just the feeling of luxury that emanates from every inch of that place.

I really should have thought of the staycation idea sooner. Given that we've been limited on travel options since the COVID pandemic began, staycations have understandably grown in popularity. It has never been so important to support our local hospitality industries by eating at local restaurants, getting our coffee fixes at small third-wave coffee shops and staying in a hotel, even if it might be just a few minutes from your house. So, I'm not just going to preach, I'm wholeheartedly going to live by the support local mantra. 24 years is a special thing to celebrate. And being lucky enough to call Montréal home is, too.

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